Water Treatment Industry

As a flocculating agent, mainly used in industrial solid-liquid separation process, including settlement, to clarify, concentrate and sludge dewatering processes. Polyacrylamide plays an important role in the municipal sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment.  Increasingly stringent regulations promote the development of water treatment industry. 


For municipal sewage treatment industry, it is also widely used in leather, paper making, citric acid, vegetable protein extract, dyeing, pharmaceutical, incense, etc.

Applications for all the major sectors are: Urban Sewage Treatment, Paper, Food Processing, Petrochemical, Metallurgical Processing, Dyeing and the Sugar and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment.

Nonionic Polyacrylamide

Paper Industry

In the paper industry can be used as dry strength agents, retention agent, filter aid. They can be greatly improved as paper quality, enhance the physical strength of paper and reduce the loss of fiber, can also be used in the treatment of white water at the same time, and in the deinking process can play a significant flocculation.


1, Paper Retention Agent:  It can significantly improve the retention rate of short fiber filler and filling material, dewatering rate to improve the quality of paper and save the raw material consumption cost etc.

2, Anionic Garbage Capture Agent: It can interact with the anionic garbage and fillers to neutralize anionic charge of organics and the anionic charge on the surface of tiny fiber to balance the wet part and shrink the interference of anionic garbage, increase the retention rate of various fillers, fibers and other chemical accessories.

3, Paper Strength Agent: The product is fully ionized in the whole PH value range. It can be directly adsorbed onto pulp fiber. Through the binding between ions forms ionic linkage; the combination between amide and fiber hydroxyl form covalent bonds, so it can improves the binding strength between fibers.

4, Paper Dispersant Agent: It can promote the dispersion of fiber and perfect the paper appearance by adding small quantities dispersant in papermaking process; it can also improve the pulp evenness and paper softness, even toughness.

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